Family Card
Family Card
Roy G Lynch, Jr.
This report list primary William Lynch [1752-1837, Brunswick Co., Va.] descendants through his son Laxton Lynch who moved to Rutherford Co., NC. There are also some parts of other branches of William's family listed. The assignment of William's children to a specific mother is a guesstimation I made based on dates of birth, death and marriage I have. There are probably errors in some assignment. This report is a work in progress. Additions, corrections or questions are welcome. Click on a individual's name the first time will bring up a page on that individual. Click on the individual name on that page and a more detail Person Page on that individual will appear. Click on the symbol beside the person's name on the Family Card and five generations of the person's ancestry will be shown. I have information on descendants of other children of William which I will gladly share. The information posted on this website is for the private use of those doing genealogical research and is not to be used for commercial purposes.